Meet our founder Kristy

Modibodi apparel is life changing!

How it got to South Africa…

Business Partners Charlene and Natasha are both mothers of daughters. When their daughters reached this special milestone in their lives, they searched for products that would make a difference…not only to their daughters everyday routine, but to the environment too.

The real deal breaker (or maker) was that one week, every month, where a daughter would have to sit on the side of the pool at school and miss out on a gala, just because timing didn't work out for her.
NO more! Modibodi equalises the playing field and all young ladies are able to continue with their sporting activities with confidence, in leak-free, worry-free and waste-free protection.

Technology like this needs to be available to everyone. Modibodi is a brand that embraces all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and abilities and celebrates our bodies for what they do over how they look.
Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?