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When I order

What happens if I order the wrong size?

Before you place your order, please look at our sizing guide and get out your tape measure. The sizing guide is quite accurate. If you are between two sizes – we advise to go for the smaller size.

When choosing Modibodi TEEN period panties and swimming costumes, please be aware it
is based on youth sizes which correspond closely to ladies sizes:

â—Ź Youth 8-10 years = 04/3XS
â—Ź Youth 10-12 years = 06/2XS
â—Ź Youth 12-14 years = 08/XS
â—Ź Youth 14-16 years = 10/S
â—Ź Youth 16-18 years = 12/M

You can find the sizing charts here:

Women Size Guide
Teen Size Guide

If you still land up with the incorrect size, please don’t worry. We offer a
30-Day Sizing Trial to first time customers and will happily swap out your Unused item for the correct size.

This is how it works:

Email us at and let us know what product you have
ordered and what size you are wanting to swap for.

Arrange your item to be couriered back to us, at your own cost, to the address provided by the Modibodi Team.

From there your item will be reviewed and if unused, you just need to pay for delivery and your replacement item will be packed and sent on its way to you.

If your order includes multiple items, open and try only one pair (over underwear) to be sure they are right for you. That way if you want to make a size exchange, you'll be able to exchange all items in that order for the correct size. Please note we will not exchange more than one open item per order.

All returns must be unworn and in original packaging. All (but the one item) must still be sealed to be eligible for an exchange.

Make sure this is done within 30 days of purchase.

How does the 30-day trial work?

All new customers can make a claim on 1(one) product purchased in their first order with Modibodi.

If you are not happy with your order, you can return ONE opened item (the rest of the order has to be sealed in its the original packaging.

You will be requited to complete a 30-day Trial return form and will have to cover the cost of the courier to return your items to the agreed warehouse. Email to agree your return address and to start the process.

All items returned will evaluated and once that is completed and the return form completed, Modibodi will refund you with a Modibodi credit.
Please note: You will be credited for the price you paid when purchasing the item. Courier costs are not eligible for credit with our 30 Day Risk Free Trial.

Items excluded from our 30 Day Risk- Free Trial:
- Clearance and end of line styles
- Accessories

What absorbency do I order?

This product is specially designed to wick moisture away from your skin so that you feel dry, odour free and fresh, all day long.

When choosing an absorbency, we have focused on four different options to keep you covered and confident.

Think about how many tampons you would normally use during the day and then work it out from there. People using pads will have a better idea of how heavy their flow is.
Its advisable to have different absorbencies in your cupboard to cater for your heavier and lighter days.

- Super light

Absorbs up to 1 tampons worth | up to 5mls.

- Light-Moderate

Absorbs up to 2 tampons worth | up to 10mls.

These are perfect to be worn alone on lighter period days or for small bladder leaks and discharge.

- Moderate-Heavy

Absorbs 2-3 tampons worth | up to 15mls

These are perfect to be worn alone on heavier period days and for light to moderate bladder leaks and heavy discharge.

- Heavy-Overnight

Absorbs 3-4 tampons worth | up to 20mls

Perfect to be worn alone on heavy period days, light to moderate bladder leaks and for overnight.

- Maxi-24hrs

Absorbs 8-10 tampons worth | up to 50mls

Perfect to be worn alone on heavy period days, frequent bladder leaks, or all day and all night.

Do I wear one pair the whole day or do I need to change out during the day?

This all depends on your flow. If you have a heavy period and you go for a lighter absorbency, then you will need to change out during the day – which is likely in the first few heavy days of your cycle.

Once you get to know your period, you will probably land up opting for the thicker absorbencies in the first few days of your period and then head towards the light absorbencies at the end of your cycle.

Note - The Maxi-24hrs absorbency doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have to change your period panties out during the day – especially if you have a heavy flow. Maxi-24hrs refers to the thickness and absorbency of the garment which takes up to mls of liquid. The average woman loses 2 to 3 tablespoons or 30-50ml of blood over 5 days.

The product I want is not available in South Africa. How do I get it?

That’s not a problem – we can get it for you. Please email us at and we will ensure it’s included on our next order.

A process will be followed where we will confirm the sizing with you as well as the price.

50% payment will need to be made before the order will be placed.

How does delivery/collection work?

When you place your Modibodi order online, you will be able to register your profile and enter your address details.

When you check out, you will be able to select the following:

- Delivery to your address listed above
- Delivery via Pudo to your address listed above
- Delivery via Pudo to another Pudo box
- Collection from our Vanderbijl address
- Collection from our Rivonia address
- All the delivery options will show a cost when checking out. Collections will obviously be for free.

How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery can take anything from overnight to 5 days. It all depends on your location.

Deliveries to outer regions will take anything from 3-5 days however deliveries in Gauteng and the Free State should take 1-2 days.

Timing will be indicated when you select your delivery option.

If I order on back order – what does that mean and how long will it take?

Most of our Modibodi stock orders are made from scratch so there can be a lead time of anything from 1 – 6 months.

HOWEVER…timing on back orders will be communicated upfront so that you know when your life-changing Modibodi gourmets will be arriving. We will do our best not to keep you waiting.

General product information

What is Modibodi and how does it work?

Modibodi is reusable and sustainable leak-proof apparel that totally replaces the need for disposable products such as panty liners, tampons, pads, and incontinence products.

Modibodi™ uses high quality, tech-savvy fabrics (like Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre) and the latest in breathable, antimicrobial fibres with our Australian patented Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (only 3mm) stain-resistant lining for modern periods and leaks, and Modifier Air Technology™ – a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining for getting sweaty.

We also have our patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology™ found exclusively in our water-repellent, leak-proof swimwear range.

Should I wash my Modibodi underwear prior to use?

Absolutely, this is very important!
Not only for hygienic purposes (we all need to wash newly bought underwear before use!) but also to maximize the performance of your garments.

Before your first wear, give your Modibodi garments a wash as this will help activate the Modifier Technology in the gusset.

Please remember not to use fabric softener (staysoft) as this affects the products absorbency over time.

Are Modibodi products good for light bladder leaks and incontinence?

Yes! If you are one of the 1 in 3 women that experience light to moderate bladder leaks or light incontinence our patented Modifier Technology™ panties are a fantastic option for you.

They are breathable, odour resistant, super absorbent, leak-proof, stain-resistant, and wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry, odour free and fresh all day.

Are Modibodi products for sweat and perspiration?

Yes! All of our products are great for sweat. They are antibacterial, odour resistant and the top layer is moisture-wicking moving sweat away from your skin, so you can feel dry and fresh no matter how hot it gets.

Can I swim in my Modibodi underwear?

While Modibodi underwear covers you all day, every day, the panties are not ideal for swimming. We have developed a line of swimwear that use fibres and fabrics specifically suitable for wearing in the water for light-moderate period days.

You will find them here.

Does Modibodi have PFAS or nanotechnology?

All Modibodi materials and treatments have been scientifically tested to ensure they comply with global safety standards and requirements. We do not use PFAS or nanotechnology in our garments.

What makes Modibodi products anti-bacterial?

Modibodi™ uses high quality natural fabrics and breathable tech-savvy blends with the latest in antimicrobial treatments to create a highly comfortable, functional garment.

We use an antimicrobial treatment that does not use nano-technology and is registered with the Environmental Protection Authority to eliminate bacteria and odour - which is necessary to maintain hygienic freshness.

Are Modibodi products eco friendly?

Our garments replace the need for disposable hygiene or act as an additional back up instead of using 2 x disposable hygiene products at once. The average woman will use 15,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime, and women with incontinence may use an additional 1,000 liners-pads per year. By choosing to wear our patented Modifier Technology™ apparel you can prevent the thousands of panty liners, pads, and tampons ending up in landfills or being flushed into our waterways.

As long as cared for properly, our garments can be used and worn just as long as regular underwear. In our Classic, Sensual and Active ranges over 85% of our garment is made from natural fabric such as merino wool and bamboo.

Modibodi garments can be washed with regular clothing in a laundry bag in cold water thus preventing hand washing and the additional waste of water.

Can I see Modibodi in person before ordering?

Yes you can if you are in the area. We have offices based in Rivonia Johannesburg, Gauteng and Luciana, Parys, Free State.

Just send us an email at to make an appointment.

You can also visit us at events and markets. Follow our Instagram to find out details.

Caring for our Modibodi

How do I wash my Modibodi?

After wearing, rinse in cold water till the water runs clear. Then add it to your next wash cycle (without using fabric softener / Staysoft) and hang to dry.

Quick Tips:

- To maximize the performance of your garments, please give your Modibodi a wash before your first wear. This will help activate the Modifier Technology in the gusset.
- Use a laundry bag to wash your Modibodi garments. Natural fibers wash well, but don’t like zippers!
- No fabric softeners and strong detergents eg. stain removers, please! It breaks down the hi-tech function of our garments and also reduces the durability of the fabrics and trims, so they won’t last as long.
- Do not soak. Soaking can cause the potential thinning down and effect the efficiency/function of our antimicrobial treatment. Squeezing the deposits under the running water is much more effective, as soaking does not necessarily remove all the gusset deposit fully. It is more effective to rinse under running water and then place them into the washing machine.

Our garments can last for 2 years and even longer, however this is dependent on the wash and care of the garments. As underwear is considered a delicate product, we strongly recommend following our care instructions to ensure you get the most wear out of your underwear.

How long will my Modibodi garments last?

Whilst we do not have a specific lifespan, our garments can last up to 2 years (or longer!). It is dependent on the wash and care of the garments. Underwear is considered a delicate product, so the elastic and thread may get damaged with wear and tear. We will guarantee the quality and fabrics for a period of up to six (6) months and will replace faulty garments up until this time if deemed to be a major fault. After this time, it will be classified as general wear and tear.

Though wear and tear may appear this will not impact the effectiveness of the Modifier Technology built into the gusset of the undergarments.

Will my Modibodi garments smell?

No, if cared for correctly, your Modibodi garments won’t smell. If left soaking for more than a few hours or stored when the undies are not yet fully dried, your underwear can end up smelling mouldy and musty.

To remove the smell your underwear has, please dilute some white vinegar in a thin layer of water 1:3 (just enough to cover your underwear) and soak your underwear for 20 minutes. You can then place them in the wash and add some more vinegar to the wash load 1:5. For best results, hang them out under the sun and make sure that the undies are fully dry before storing them back in your drawers.

This should combat any current odour present in your undies. You can also use eucalyptus in your wash load to further combat this.

Can I tumble dry my Modibodi?

No, it is not advisable to tumble dry your Modibodi garments over a long period of time.

If your Modibodi Garment accidently went through a tumble dry cycle, don’t worry, it won’t be ruined. Although we do advise refraining from using this all together as consistent use of the tumble dryer can break down the hi-tech function over time and will result in a much shorter life span of the garment.

Modibodi Swimwear

What can Modibodi swimming costumes be used for?

Modibodi swimming costumes are designed for both light-moderate periods and bladder leaks.

If you plan to use your Modibodi swimming costume for period protection whilst swimming, they are best used alone on lighter days.
This however is not always possible if you have a gala or event during the heavier days of your period – we cant always plan these things…
So a hot tip for those heavier days is to make sure you change into your Modibodi costume as close to the event as possible – swim – and then change back into your Modibodi panties soon after again.
Nobody needs to miss out!

Once worn in the water, the garment will become wet inside and out. But, thanks to the quick-drying fabrics we have sourced from our range, you will be dry very quickly upon exiting the water.

What is Modibodi Swim Technology?

While we can’t share all the detail on what makes this technology so awesome, our patent pending Modifier Swim Technology comprises dry-fast water repellent fabric, fights bacteria and odour, catches sneaky bladder leaks and is perfect for light period days!

What are my Modibodi Swimming costumes made from?

Our Modibodi swimming costume fabric is made from nylon spandex and the gusset is a polyester blend, due to the nature of our technology we do not share any further information on what makes our product so unique.

Is Modibodi Swim UPF rated?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is similar to SPF ratings used in suncreams. Garments with a UPF of 50 only allow 1/50th of the UV radiation falling on the garment to pass through it. The highest UPF rating a garment can be assigned is 50+, a piece in this range is determined as providing “excellent” protection from UV radiation.

All Modibodi Swimsuits are rated UPF 50+. This is not a replacement for sunscreen and additional sun protection should always be used.