What does it mean to be bluesign® certified?

bluesign® certification is a widely recognised standard in the textile industry that focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes. When a product is bluesign® certified, it means that every stage of its production – from raw materials to finished product – has been evaluated against rigorous environmental and social criteria.

For Modibodi to obtain the bluesign® certification is a testament to our commitment to the full product lifecycle and ensuring we have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

What are the key aspects of the bluesign® certification?

1. Resource Efficiency:

bluesign® Certified products aim to minimise resource consumption, such as water and energy, throughout the production process.
We have put this at the forefront when it comes to the selection of our fabrics and we source from plantations and farms that are aligned to our vision. An example is the use of Bamboo – not only are bamboo plantations fast growing without the need for pesticides, insecticides or fertalisers but we have also aligned with a plantation that processes wasteful water, uses a waste air recovery system and an Alkali recovery system.

We choose recycled Nylon which reduces the amount of textile waste going onto landfills and eliminates the need to manufacture virgin nylon.

2. Consumer Safety:

The certification ensures that harmful substances, such as heavy metals and toxic chemicals, are not used in the manufacturing process, thus guaranteeing safety for our consumers.

Our commitment to toxic free products extends to every component of our products, from the selection of fabrics to the treatments applied and the manufacturing facilities where the products are made. Each of these steps in the production process have all received their own Oeko-Tex® certification which is why Modibodi holds 4 Oeko-Tex® certificates. Making the product safe for you and safe for the environment. You can read more about this here.

3. Environmental Protection:

bluesign® Certified products comply with strict environmental standards, reducing emissions and pollution, and minimising the ecological footprint of the production process.

We know the textile supply chain has a significant environmental impact, which is why we invest time and energy to nurture our supplier partnerships and source from ethical manufacturers. We use Organic Cotton because it's grown without the use of synthetic chemicals like insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. This means that these harmful chemicals don't leach into the soil and harm biodiversity.

We also use bamboo plantations that are fast growing without the need for pesticides, insecticides or fertalisers.

Then when it comes to our Merino wool, our wools is grown by non-mulesed Merino sheep in Australia. Mulesing is the removal of skin from around the breech (buttocks) of a sheep. This is a painful and traumatising process for the sheep which is often done without pain management. Our woolgrowers at Coonong Stations, practice sustainable land management and are Responsible Wool Standard certified.

Just another reason to Love Modibodi.

4. Worker Health and Safety:

The certification also considers the well-being of workers by promoting safe working conditions and fair labour practices.

Supply chains are complex and busy and we understand that improvements start with learning and setting standards. All our direct suppliers agree to our code if conduct which is based on the International Labour Organisation’s core standards for safe, fair and healthy working conditions.

All workers in our cut and sew factories earn at least earn a Tier 1 garment worker wage that meets a Living Wage. A Living Wage should be earned in a standard work week (of up to 48 hours) by a worker, and be sufficient to afford a decent standard of living for the worker and their family.

Overall, bluesign® certification signifies a commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing practices, benefiting both the environment and consumers.